Entertainment News: Lestat is Coming Back.

lestat  Left Image: Stuart Townsend | Image Source: Warner Bros.
Right Image: Tom Cruise | Image Source: Geffen Pictures.

In 1976 we were introduced to a man named Louis who mesmerized us with his story of his love of Claudia and his love-hate relationship with a dark and mysterious man that we all would come to love, Lestat de Lioncourt AKA Lestat. In 1985 we learned how our lover Lestat came to be, we watch him grow and change through his travels seeking the truth of his people’s origins, which brings him to the modern world and that of a rock star. In 1988, we saw him smitten by Queen Akasha, the mother of all vampires, and now Lestat’s story continues on while we turn the pages. From chasing a serial killer in Southern Florida, to facing the Devil, along with dealing with the vampire world in chaos, and then on to the mysteries of Atlantis. (Anne Rice, 2016)

Lestat has been on many adventures, so many adventures most of us would be jealous, but, he is immortal after all. Lucky for us we read about his adventures, thanks to the writer Anne Rice, and we have seen a couple of those adventures on the silver screen in “Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles” in 1994 starring Tom Cruise, and in “Queen of the Damned” starring Stuart Townsend in 2002.  There were little less known adventures such as “Interview with the Paparazzi” in 1998 starring Eric Drachman and “Twilight Sucks! An Interview with a True Vampire” starring Robert Keniston in 2012. (IMDB, 2016).  Lestat, starring Hugh Panaro, even made his way to the stage as a Broadway musical in 2006 (Anne Rice, 2006). But those adventures are nothing compared to what was just announced today, Saturday, November 26, 2016, on Anne Rice’s official Facebook Page:


Image from: Anne Rice Facebook Page.

According to the announcement, Anne Rice and her son Christopher Rice will be developing the pilot script for a new television series dealing with “The Vampire Chronicles” starting with “The Vampire Lestat.”  Both Anne and her son Chris will be executive producers. Anne Rice mentions in her announcement, “Over the years you all have told me how much you want to see a “Game of Thrones” style faithful rendering of this material, and how much you want for the series to remain in my control. Well, I have heard you. I have always heard you. What you want is what I want.” Anne Rice replied to a fan’s comment, and she mentions in the comment about Netflix, HBO, and Showtime being in the running for the series.


Image from: Anne Rice Facebook Page.

If it were to be on a normal network, FX would be a good home. I say this because of the shows Like “American Horror Story” and “The Strain.” Even though WGN America has “Salem”, that could be another choice, but my bet is on streaming or a premium channel.

“The Vampire Chronicles” are not the Millennial’s “Vampire Diaries” or “Twilight” nor is it the Generation X’s “The Lost Boys.” Anne Rice created a whole new world of vampires and a following that surpasses Dracula himself. It is called “Anne Rice’s Vampire Lestat Fan Club” It is vampire version of what is known as “The Sherlock Holmes Society of London.” They have a ball every year and a cemetery tour. They also have a store where you can buy a range of gifts. People dress up as their favorite characters from “The Vampire Chronicles.” If you live in New Orleans or close to the area, they have small gatherings throughout the year (ARVLFC, 2016).

Now that the word is out about “The Vampire Chronicles” coming to the small screen, who do you think would be best to pay the parts of our beloved vampires and our immortal/mortal enemies? Some unknown person seeking to make it big in Hollywood, or someone who is already known to us?

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