Odyssey: The American Gods Are Here.


As seen on Odyssey

The earliest known gods came from the Sumerians An (Heaven) was male, and Ki (Earth) was female. Their union gave Enlil (Air). (Kramer, xii). In Babylon, Marduk is the patron god of the city of Babylon. The Assyrians had Ashur, a war god. The Greek and Roman gods were the same, but with different names. In Greek, Zeus is the King, from the Romans his name is Jupiter. The Norse have their gods in Odin and Thor. Hindus have Shiva and Maya. Egypt had their gods in Amun and Isis. The Christians have their one true God, while other religions have several different gods. The list of deities goes on and on. But what about present day gods?

A scribe named Neil Gaiman has told us a tale of our modern-day gods. In 2001 he scribed us just a tale, a story of the old gods and the new gods and a battle. Where can we read such a saga? There are places, thanks to the new gods, which we can read such a tale. One place is called Amazon, and another location is called Barnes & Noble. But, come April 30th, the Starz will align, and you can see for yourself these new “American Gods” and how the old gods will either die off or fight to survive in this new world.

Who will you worship? The old gods such as:


Mr. Wednesday, Vulcan, with Shadow Moon (The star of the tale).

Vanity Fair

Or Bilquis?

Bryan Fuller

What about Ostara (Easter)?

Entertainment Weekly

There is even a down and out leprechaun named Mad Sweeney?

Entertainment Weekly.

How about Jesus himself?

Or the new gods?


The God: Technical Boy?


The Goddess: Media?

(Now we know what happen at the end of the last season of the X-Files. The aliens turned Agent Scully into a goddess.)

While you are reading up on the tale of the new and old gods, don’t forget to check out the scribe’s other tales such as “Anansi Boys,” “Odd and the Frost Giants,“ and “Norse Mythology.” And let us thank Bryan Fuller and Michael Green in helping align the Starz for us to view the gods and the battle to come.



Video from: STARZ


Video from: STARZ



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