A Conversation with the Husband

A Conversation with the Husband

By: Tracie L. Hicks




Fire ant on hip

Scurrying down my stump

Engulfing my paw


Snake restricts

Unable to shift

Hot water

Epsom Salt

Subdue the sting

Relax the grip


Come, my husband

Sit a spell

And answer me this


Why do I love cats?

No thought, no concern

Words found their way

Through the maze

He did say

Because you’re a psychopath


Once again, I asked

Why do I love cats?

Small thought, some concern

Wheels turning

Then he churned

Because they are fluffy and cuddly


Third attempt

I did seek

Why do I love cats?

Candle lit in his eyes

The joker came through

With no concern

Out of the tunnel

The river of words did flow

For the same reason, I love your boobs


Sitting in my pond

Full of salt

Then it clicked

Just for a moment

The Fire Ant

The Snake

Both drown


Husband did tell me why I love cats

Cats distract

Cats make me laugh

Cats make me forget

Just like he just did


He distract

He made me laugh

He made me forget

About the Fire Ant and the Snake










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