The Fire Ant and The Snake

The following poem, which I am not good at creating, is created by a real-life conversation I had with my husband, while I was soaking my hip and ankle. The question I ask about the cats, I did ask him, and those are his responses.

A Conversation with the Husband

By: Tracie L. Hicks

Fire ant in hip

Scurrying down my stump,

Engulfing my paw.

Snake restricts

Unable to shift.

Hot water,

Epsom salt.

Subdue the sting,

Relax the grip.

“Come, my husband.

Sit a spell

And answer me this,

Why do I love cats?”

No thought, no concern.

Words found their way

Through the Maze

He did say,

“Because you’re a psychopath.”

Once again, I did ask,

“Why do I love cats?”

Small thought,

Some concern.

Wheels turning,

Then he churned,

“Because they’re fluffy and cuddly.”

Third attempt

I did seek,

“Why do I love cats?”

Candle lit in his eyes.

The joker came through.

With no concern

Out of the tunnel

The river of words did flow,

“For the same reason, I love your breasts.”

Sitting in my pond

Full of salt,

Suddenly, it clicked.

Just for a moment

The Fire ant and

The Snake

Both drown.

My husband did tell me why I love cats.

Cats distract,

Cats make me laugh,

Cats make me forget.

Just like he did.

He distracts,

He made me laugh,

He made me forget

About the Fire ant and the Snake.

As seen at SNHU Odyssey 

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