First Look: Hellboy (2018)

If you have not read by now, Hellboy is back in action. Sorry folks, but Ron Perlman will not be in the starting role. The starring role is handed down to David Harbour, who portrays Dexter Tolliver in Suicide Squad and Jim Hopper of Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Guillermo del Toro brought us Hellboy and Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. Who stars Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, Doug Jones, and the late John Hurt.  Hellboy arrives in our world thanks to the Nazis attempt to use black magic to win the war. The Allies raid the camp and interrupt the ceremony, but a little demon happens to cross over from his world to ours. He is raised by a professor, an expert in the occult, to fight for good instead of evil, especially from the realms of the supernatural.

Now, Neil Marshall is bringing Hellboy back to the big screen with help from writers Andrew Cosby, Christopher Golden and Mike Mignola. The cast, per IMDb stars Milla Jovovich from the Resident Evil movie franchise, is portraying Nimue, the Blood Queen and Ian McShane, of American Gods, is portraying Professor Broom. The storyline deals with Hellboy going over to England to defeat Nimue.

Why England? Nimue is connected to Merlin. Per Britannia, Nimue is another name for The Lady of the Lake. In the British television series, Merlin, Nimueh is a dark sorceress. She appears in four episodes in the first season and rages havoc against Merlin, Arthur, and Camelot.  Nimue also appears in Once Upon a Time in season five as the Original/First Dark One.

Image from FacebookImage from Comicbook

On Wednesday night, Facebook page Hellboy released a first look image of David Harbour as Hellboy. Doing a side by side, who do you think looks best as Hellboy?


In June of 2017, Ron Perlman posted a picture with David Harbour, wishing him luck.

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