September: Do You Dare?

Do You Dare? by James D Armstrong

A compilation of 10 short stories from the twisted mind of James D Armstrong. Some familiar concepts as well as some new.

“The Author” – Have those he’s mistreated in the past, with his writing come back to haunt him.

“Mirror Mirror” – Have you wondered if there’s another dimension behind that mirror, just out of eyesight.

“The Sandman” – An old fairy-tale, or something much more horrific?

“My Enemy” – A woman scorned has nothing on a Witch scorned.

“Changes” – In death, life changes.

“Dream Web” – The line between dreams and reality not just blurred.

“Mind Rider” – Often wondered about the voice in your head or voices?

“Devil’s Halo” – A new world order.

“The Last” – The ancient world of Gargoyles under threat.

“Town Spirit” – Unusually fanatical town spirit. More to these townsfolk than meets the eye.

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Discussion Questions

1. What did you like best about this book?

2. What did you like least about this book?

3. What other books did this remind you of?

4. What feelings did this book evoke for you?

5. What did you think of the book’s length? If it’s too long, what would you cut? If too short, what would you add?

6. If you got the chance to ask the author of this book one question, what would it be?

7. What do you think of the book’s title? How does it relate to the book’s contents?

8. What do you think of the book’s cover? How well does it convey what the book is about?

9. What do you think the author’s purpose was in writing this book? What ideas was the author trying to get across?

10. How original and unique was this book?

11. Did this book seem realistic/relatable?

12. Did the book’s pace seem too fast/too slow/just right?

13. Anything that stood out to you?

14. Anything you learned from the story?

15. Anything you want to add to the discussion?

16. What was your favorite story and why?


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