All Samhain Night

The alarm goes off, and you wake up. Stretching your muscles before rising out of your comfy bed. You slide your feet into your warm slippers and stand up. You walk to your bedroom window and touch it with your hand; it’s cold. You look out and see most of the leaves are on the ground, and squirrels spurring about collecting nuts. You turn around and shuffle your way to the kitchen where your morning coffee is ready for you to pour in your favorite mug with the saying, “Witches Brew.” You wrap your hands around the outside of the mug, warming your palms and fingers. You hear whispering in your ear, you take down another mug with the saying, “Honor Thy Ancestors.” You pour another cup of your warm coffee and set it on a table where pictures of your ancestors are in their frames. You offered them the cup of coffee and placed it in the middle. You walk over to your sliding glass door and look out; you see your fire-pit, all ready for the special bonfire on this Samhain night. [Read More]

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