How To Be A Good Manager

Are you thinking about being a manager? It is easy to get caught up in your company and climb up the ladder. I started out working in fast food, quit my first job because of favoritism over hard work. I was given supervisory jobs without the payment or the title. My second job was in grocery; I climbed the ladder from cashier to front-line supervisor and office personal, this time I got the pay and the recognition for my hard work. Due to changes in policy years later, I quit and went back to fast food. I climbed the ladder from order taker to assistant manager until I became sick and quit. The next job was at a game retail store, and I was being taught supervisory work, just the hours were not cutting it to pay the bills. I even tried my hand at property management, because of medical problems and being honest to the residents; I was let go. I noticed everywhere I went; I climbed the corporate ladder. I achieved my ambitions by hard work and being fair. [Read More]

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