Were You Touched By A Fairy?

There’s a slight cool breeze in the air, with a hint of a fragrance of rain. The birds are singing to the morning dew, and you feel alive, for you are on your way to the hospital. You arrived, and you’re rushed to the room. Your doctor is there with a smile on her face. Everything’s happening so fast, the pain the breathing. Then you hear it, the sound of crying. You’re anxious until the doctor comes over to notify you that tests need to be run, but it is nothing to be concerned about. You’re confused, but you don’t have time to be. A nurse lays the most beautiful creature into your arms; you stare down to look into your child’s eyes, then you notice. Your thoughts take you back to when grandmother spoke of fairies visiting newborn children who were born with an immeasurable amount of beauty. A fairy will stare into the child’s eyes, causing a mark. But, for those who were born with fairy-like beauty, for they are descended from fairies. [Read More]

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