When A Demon Comes To Play

James dropped his head and twisted around toward the group. His dark brown eyes glowered at the teenagers as they huddled in a circle. A sneer appeared, and a roar of sinister laughter crawled up his throat and through his crimson lips. “Now,” he slapped his palms together and rubbed, “what game shall we play next?” James placed his fingers on his jaw and caressed the tip. “Hmm, let’s see.” A finger tapped his chin. “Ahh, yes.” His glare pushed the group back a few steps. He glimpsed at his wristwatch. “Hmm, a half-hour before midnight.” And nodded, “Yes, plenty of time.” His head snapped up, and his face softened. “Let’s get in a line.” And he patted his hands together. “Come now, in a line.”

Sophia, Elijah, and Ava stared at each other, frozen in terror. Their hearts raced, breath rapid and shallow. Their faces drained of blood.

An icy hand grasped Ava’s arm and jerked her from the others. James dragged her three feet from them. “Now, now, Ava. I said, get in a line.”

Read the rest at Coffee House Writers

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