Meet the nonfiction writers of the Coffee House Writers 2020 Anthology: Volume 1: Poetry & Nonfiction 
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LC Ahl
Operation Lady Justice
Skeletons In The Closet

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Melanie Blackman
I Am Not My Endometriosis
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Janeen G.
Reasons Why You Should Help Someone In Need
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Alexandria Hoover
Bambi Isn’t Real
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Jess Knueppel
How To Help The Suicidal
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Bradley Labarre
Why Does One Become A Chef?
The Art Of Building Flavors: A Chef’s Secret Weapon
Grilling Dinner: A Culinary Pastime
Salt And Pepper: THe Humble Duet We Cannot Live Without
Proper Seasoning: The Difference Between Eating And Savoring

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Cameo J. Monroe
A Water-Bearer Bore A Ram
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