NaNoWriMo Day 3

Sorry that this is a day late. I wasn’t feeling myself yesterday but still got my word count in for NaNoWriMo. Unfortunately, I had problems with the FlashNaNo. I couldn’t think of anything, but in the end, I got it. You can read my rough drafts at Ko-Fi and Patreon.

As for the Ray Bradbury Challenge, I read Double Happiness by Mary-Beth Hughes (Short Story). Then I read Victory by Tony Hoagland (Poem). Finally, I ended with Dragonfly by Shahar Madjar M.D. (Essay).

Now I will work on today’s stuff.

How are your writings coming along?

Published by T.L. Hicks

Tracie Hicks is a Speculative Fiction. You can read her work at Coffee House Writers, where she is an editor. Tracie has an Associate of Arts degree in Communications from UoPX. Bachelor and Master of Arts degree in Creative Writing (focused on fiction and screenwriting) from SNHU. She wrapped up her education with an MFA in Creative Writing from SNHU. She is working on two books and one short story collection. You can read her work at

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