Meet T.L. Hicks


T.L. Hicks, A.K.A. Tracie Lynn Hicks, was born in Taylorville, Illinois. 1973. She is the youngest out of eight children and grew up in Taylorville, Illinois. She spent a few years living in Mesa and Glendale, Arizona in the ’80s before moving back to Taylorville. Tracie graduated from the Taylorville Senior High School, 1992.

Tracie has held many jobs, from fast food to call center to video game retail. It was in 1998 she married a man who changed her world. He mentally, physically, emotionally, and sexually abused her. She divorced him in 2002. That fall, she met her savior and married him on Halloween of 2004. 

Tracie has PTSD, Social Anxiety, Chronic and Generalized Depression, and Maladaptive Daydreaming. She has severe pain in her left hip where her first husband kicked her with his steel-toe boots.

When Tracie found out she couldn’t work anymore, she had to think of alternatives. She tried building an online business but failed. Now, thinking back, she realized she could put her daydreams to use.

Tracie as always rearranged movies and television shows in her head and has an interest in the paranormal. Why not build on that? She returned to school through the University of Phoenix in 2014. She will finish her education at Southern New Hampshire University in 2020.

Now, Tracie is a content creator, editor, and new writer’s trainer at Coffee House Writers. She is working on her first novel, Hell’s Half Acre along with a book and the script, Tara’s Truth. Tracie is working on another story, Seven Gates of Hell. 


Associate of Arts CommunicationCreative WritingProfessional WritingUniversity of Phoenix

GPA 3.87-
Magna Cum Laude
Bachelor of Arts English and Creative WritingFiction Screenwriting  Southern New Hampshire University 
GPA 3.539
Cum Laude
Master of Arts English and Creative Writing FictionEditingSouthern New Hampshire University
GPA of 3.585
Cum Laude
Master of Fine Arts  Creative Writing  FictionProfessional WritingSouthern New Hampshire University
Estimate 2020

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