I am a creator of unknown realms and seeker of ancient cultures. I weave the reality of the human species with the hidden worlds of the cosmos. Those who dare to open any of my tomes will fall victim to the stories within where they will experience new perspectives of themselves and life. As I, the scribe, is a dabbler of the macabre and love to bring those brave enough to enter my imagination along for the ride.
My beating heart lies in the creations of horrific tales from a small county in Illinois. The supernatural, , and space will collide in a series of novels, screenplays, and short stories through the dimension of the kingdoms of self-publishing, traditional publishing, television, and movies. 

T.L. Hicks

T.L. Hicks/ Mystic Rose, A.K.A. Tracie Lynn Hicks, was born in Taylorville, Illinois in 1973, and is the youngest of eight children. She graduated from in 1992 and married the love of her life on Halloween in 2004. 

Tracie has PTSD, Social Anxiety, Chronic and Generalized Depression, and Maladaptive Daydreaming. She uses her mental conditions in developing her stories, revealing weaknesses, yet overcoming them.  

Tracie has an interest in the paranormal, and in the early created the Christian County Ghost Hunters Society. She investigated and researched the Christian County area in Illinois. Because of health issues, Tracie had to retire from investigating, but she still researches. She uses the information she finds to create realistic, Young Adult and Adult, horror and supernatural stories. You can never tell between fact or fiction in her tales. 

Tracie has always rearranged movies and television shows in her head. Why not build on that? She started her path of higher learning with the University of Phoenix in 2014, and will finish at Southern New Hampshire University in 2020. The knowledge gained will help her get the movies and shows running in her head on paper. 

For now, Tracie is a content creator, editor, and the new writer’s trainer at Coffee House Writers. She is working on her first novel, Hell’s Half Acre along with a book and the script, Tara’s Truth. Tracie is working on another story, Seven Gates of Hell