As the nightsswallows the days. As the farmersbring in the harvests. As the familiesprepare the feasts. They light the bonfiresand donned their costumes. For, on Samhain,the dead returns.


Sunlight bright,the air brisk,snow blanketsthe dead, frozen ground. I shuffle through the gateway ofAmerica’s famous farm store.My love goes one way,I dodder the other. There,in the middle aisle,two galvanizedwater troughs,filled with colorful pullet chicks.Heat lamps warmingtheir tiny bodies. It is there,Little baby,your fragile body coveredwith fluffy black feathers,you lay,gasping for air. Your trough mates,peck atContinue reading “DEATH OF A CHICK”

A Conversation With The Husband

Fire ant in hipScurrying down my stump,Engulfing my paw. Snake restrictsUnable to shift.Hot water,Epsom salt.Subdue the sting,Relax the grip. “Come, my husband.Sit a spellAnd answer me this, Why do I love cats?” No thought, no concern.Words found their wayThrough the mazeHe did say, “Because you’re a psychopath.” Once again, I did ask,“Why do I loveContinue reading “A Conversation With The Husband”