Micro-Fiction From June 9-12

On my Facebook Author Page, I started a Microfiction weekend. I post a picture on a Friday, and it stays up until Tuesday morning. You are to write a short story about the picture. You can write a drabble (100 words), a dribble (50 words), twitterature (140- characters) or a six-word story. […]

Reignite The Flame

As seen on SNHU Odyssey I earned my Associate of Arts degree in Communications from the University of Phoenix in 2014. I know, it’s gotten a bad reputation. I started there in 2012, and Federal Aid paid for the education. Due to my health declining, I had to […]

More”The Lost Boys” News

  As everyone should know by now, I’m a fan of the 1987 movie called “The Lost Boys.” I have all three movies, “The Lost Boys,” “The Lost Boys: The Tribe” and “The Lost Boys: The Thirst.” I have the comics “Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs” that came […]

Odyssey: 2017 Movies

In one of my articles, I showed you trailers of some movies coming out in the new year that I wanted to see. The article was from January to May. Now, June is around the corner, and I’m going to list some movies I’m looking forward to, or […]