Odyssey: Earth Day

  Amongst the polyester, bright colors, tight fitting pants, and platform shoes, a birth was about to take place. With Apollo 12 having problems and the Beatles’ “Let It Be” at number one, a man named Gaylord Nelson helped give birth to a new day. He called this […]

Odyssey: Resurrction of Pennywise

As seen on Odyssey Clowns, they’re all around us. They are comic performers who use slapstick and physical comedy to entertain children and adults at parties and circuses. Clowns make us laugh and forget about our everyday problems, which they can, but some people fear clowns, AKA Coulrophobia. […]

Odyssey: Charmed and The Lost Boys Updates

Video from: Entertainment Tonight Back in January, we found out the CW was rebooting the “Charmed” franchise. On February 3rd, the CW has given us an update on the “Charmed” reboot. According to The Hollywood Reporter, ”Charmed” will roll out next development cycle, in other words, next season. […]

Odyssey: Pets & Mental Health

As seen on Odyssey. I went to counseling the same year as my divorce, but they were not listening. As time moved on, the places he hit me and kicked me were increasing with pain. My lower back (left side) and the left hip area were the worse […]