The snow powdered the ground as Elaine unlocked the front door and pushed it open. The creak of the hinges echoed in the empty home. She closed the white steel door and latched it. When she spun around, the thudding of rocks hitting the door and the loud taunts from a group of teenagers from her tenth-gradeContinue reading “LOURDES AND THE SOUL”


Welcome to The Apocalypse Kendra’s deep chestnut eyes flutter open. Her ebony arm reaches out to the nightstand. Her hand, with cat-like reflexes, knocks the twin bell alarm clock off the table and onto the floor. There, it flops like a goldfish out of the water. Sitting up in bed, she yawns and stretches herContinue reading “GOOD MORNING, ZOMBIES.”

Paranormal Case Book

Paranormal investigations are rough to begin with. First, you must make sure you have your equipment and make sure it is working. Next, you must assign roles to each team member and remember who did what. Finally, you write stuff in a notebook but don’t remember where the readings came from or what voices youContinue reading “Paranormal Case Book”