“Tracie Hicks is a very thorough and encouraging editor on Coffee House Writers (CHW). She is very conscientious and consistently provides positive feedback and helpful suggestions on articles submitted to her. In addition, she shares writing articles among her team on CHW, that broadens our perspective on the craft and enables us to grow as writers.”


Ellwyn Autumn

“She is a great editor for Coffee House Writers. She is dedicated and kind. I would recommend her to anyone for her writing and editing. “

Hayley Green

Just want to say your writing is awesome

Roxie Hill

This is epic Tracie Hicks. Lovely work! Such a good read.

Tom Mackenzie, Digital Fox Media

I just wanted to say what a joy it has been to work with you. You’re a switched on, clever writer. You get the online game.

Josh Ben-Moshe, Digital Fox Media