First Look: Hellboy (2018)

If you have not read by now, Hellboy is back in action. Sorry folks, but Ron Perlman will not be in the starting role. The starring role is handed down to David Harbour, who portrays Dexter Tolliver in Suicide Squad and Jim Hopper of Netflix’s Stranger Things. Guillermo […]

If I Should Die

I wrote this poem around the same time I wrote A Letter to Jesus Christ. If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord, my Soul, to take. But before you do, make sure I’m dead. Then burn me up and spread my ashes all over […]

A Letter To Jesus Christ

The following poem was written when I was in my twenties; I am now 44 years old. Dear, Lord Jesus Christ. God bless every single living creature on this planet and others. May everybody’s hopes and dreams come true. Let there no more evil in this world. Let […]

The Money Man

“The Money Man” By: Tracie L. Hicks I was no one special. Just an ordinary fellow. I lived alone in a studio apartment on Maine Avenue here in Washington, D.C. I took a taxicab to work every day. You see, I worked at the Department of the Treasury […]

Comic-Con 20147

Per Comic-Con, who would have thought, back in 1970 a group of comic, movie, and science fiction enthusiasts would come together to form a comic book convention? A small gathering in southern California called San Diego’s Golden State Comic-Minicon. The first event drew around 100 attendees who saw […]

Are Zombies Real?

Per English Oxford Dictionaries, the term zombie is a word from West African that came to light in English in 1819. The term could have originated by the word zumbi (meaning fetish) and nzambi (meaning a god). The terminology is referring to a snake-god in the Voodoo religion. […]

Microfiction July 21-23

On my Facebook Author Page, I started a Microfiction weekend. I post a picture on a Friday, and it stays up until Monday morning. You are to write a short story about the picture. You can write a drabble (100 words), a dribble (50 words), twitterature (140- characters) or a six-word […]